What’s good folks! Do you guys also having vacation? If so I’m hope you having some relaxing time and a lot of sun!

Anyways. I’m planning a new event on the OGXBOX that will be launched in about 1-1,5 weeks. I like to announce my events early so the word can be spread out so we can get a nice big event.

I know there is some heat on SWBF2 and it’s often mentioned in our Discord and I often see people creating rooms on Xlink kai and pushing invite links in our #gametimeplanning. And the event that I had on SWBF2 before has always been a success.

But I also promised Far Cry Evo and that’s why I’m making a poll for these 2 games. So I want you to vote on the game that you want to play on my next event.

Vote will end in..

[wpdevart_countdown text_for_day=”Days” text_for_hour=”Hours” text_for_minut=”Minutes” text_for_second=”Seconds” countdown_end_type=”time” end_date=”” start_time=”1563733256″ end_time=”2,1,1″ action_end_time=”show_text” content_position=”center” top_ditance=”10″ bottom_distance=”10″ countdown_type=”button” font_color=”#ff0000″ button_bg_color=”#000000″ circle_size=”130″ circle_border=”5″ border_radius=”8″ font_size=”20″ countdown_font_famaly=”Verdana,sans-serif” animation_type=”fadeInLeft”]Vote ended.[/wpdevart_countdown]



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