It’s time for another event hosted by sixthgengaming & h4ck.

First of all I want to thank you all who joined the Far Cry Evo (Head-Shot weekend) we had 2 weeks ago, that was a blast!

But now we are setting a date for our second event this year and we will play Star Wars: Battlefront II. Another great multiplayer game that works well with Xlink kai. We are announcing our events early so you can lie to your boss,school or whatever it take to join this event.

This article will be updated with some more information about the event. The date for the event is March 1. You can keep an track with our countdown timer below.

-604Days -1Hours -41Minutes -39Seconds

Discuss the event here.



    • That’s not a problem. Took me an extra hour to fix my network. I’ve upgraded my network and forgot to rehash my ports in my firewall. But I sorted it out and everything runned smooth. Thanks for joining.


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