I read quite often about how children are affected by bad people in various social apps and websites. I also read how they mention that they have switched ON parent control (for the most part on the phone) and that it doesn’t always help.

But do you know that in modern routers you have a better parent control system that you can activate. ASUS has a good filter that you can block the most popular social apps and you can add websites that you do not want your children to browse. You can enable them to use the apps but not communicate with them such as Facebook messenger and Snapchat.

We have activated it ourselves at home and it works just fine. We use an ASUS RT-AC68U. And below you can see the control panel.

Most new routers have parent control systems I just show how it looks at ASUS routers. If you do not understand or need help to set up your protection please feel free to contact us and we will help you.

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