What is going on guys!

I hope everything is fine with you. Here it is simply fine as I recharge for the last night pass at work and then I will be off for a couple of days! And that feels good. But I also have tons of stuff to do on these days such as finishing fragdelivery.com and continue working on my wife’s web shop.

But that does not mean there will not be any gaming! I will stream as normal on nights and you know where to tune in when it’s time 😊 I didn’t mention that I also bought a Oculus rift VR headset so I’m going to play with that too and maybe I will put up a stream while I play, we will see about that.

Other then that I will just spend my time with my family and my son is arriving from his mom this weekend, so it is all goody goody here.

Take care out there.

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