Are your kids climbing the walls at home when the weather is saying stay the fak inside? when the Nintendo WII is bored out and you need more action?


My son is a fan of Fortnite and my bonus son is getting interested to and for those who knows there isn’t any split-screen mode for it but there is cross platform!. So to please them both on this rainy day I started to make a nice setup at home. We already had the game installed on the Xbox and I recently built a new PC so I downloaded the game and fired it up and started to make epic accounts to both of them.

But it wasn’t just to hit and go because this was the first time for my bonus son to play the game and he needed guidelines so I downloaded the game to my Samsung S9 so he could follow me around and look for weapons and explained what it was all about. It was a success! they laughed and enjoyed the game really good and I could just sit down and over watch when they played and helped them when they had questions.

This is the first time we used cross platform for any game and it worked very very well! so if your kids get bored, try this out!

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