Longtime Call of Duty fans will remember the Riot Shield, which made its debut in the franchise in Modern Warfare 2. Based on the limited footage we’ve seen so far from TheseKnivesOnly, it seems like the Shield in WWII will act similarly to its counterpart from MW2—allowing players to bash their opponents’ skulls in with a melee attack.

The Shield is available in WWII as a part of the game’s new Cavalry Division. Charlie Intel listed the abilities of this Division, which will allow players to carry a Shield, perform a “Shield Charge to ram enemies” while sprinting, and gain “improved objective capabilities.” Objectives will also give extra score to players using Cavalry, and two assists will equal a kill thanks to the fourth ability in this Division.

well, I play for the most domination and has always done, until yesterday when that fkn camping riot shield pop’t up. 60% of the enemy and own team is running around camping the fkn sh*t ouf the game with that shield not giving a single fak about capturing any flags. They just sit in corners waiting for to strike you with the shield, and trust me it annoying af!

before the shield there was pretty good games but now they all focus on getting kills with the damn shield. Hopefully this will die out in a few weeks….

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