This is not a guide on how-to JTAG or RGH your console, there are lots of guides online but I advise you contact a trusted seller and send-in or purchase a pre-modded Xbox 360 system. Because, to JTAG or RGH your system you need some serious soldering skills and steady hands. Save yourself the headache and send in or purchase your own console. If you’re in the United States I recommend .

Okay, so now that you’ve got your hands on an already modded JTAG or RGH Xbox 360 system! There’s a ton of fun to be had, despite this system coming out 16 years ago! I don’t condone using your modded 360 system to cheat on Xbox Live but I’m not your mom so do what makes you happy! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of content associated with modded 360’s. So I’m here to try an help simplify and hold your hand through this process. Here are some tips and links to help you along the way.

Installing XexMenu

In my opinion the single most important piece of software to have on a modded 360 console is XexMenu. Installing XexMenu will open up your console to ftp games, use modded dashboards, and much more! So in short you need to install XexMenu to do anything fun on a modded Xbox 360.

Link to download XexMenu 1.2

Installing Dashlaunch

Now it’s time to install Dashlaunch to your modded Xbox 360 so that you can boot to a custom dashboard !

Link to download the latest version of Dashlauch

Installing Aurora Dashboard

When it comes to modded Xbox 360 dashboards there are far fewer options than the original Xbox. You can go with either Free Style Dash (FSD) or Aurora, I highly recommend Aurora as it’s the only dashboard that is still receiving support and getting updates.

Link to download the latest version of Aurora Dashboard

Installing Games!

We’re finally there ! The moment you’ve all been waiting for it’s time to play games! The folder structure for playing games that you “obtained legal copies” is much different than the original Xbox so make sure to pay attention to modded warfare in this segment.

Now go have fun and enjoy your modded Xbox 360 in 2021 it’s really the best and only way to be playing those games! Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions in the comments!

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2 years ago

Guide like this in 2021, you guys are awesome. Thank you for this.