In the long term, the new tax program could become one of the biggest threats to our mobile phones.

Researchers at security company Cybereason are warning of Eventbot, a new trojan for Android that is spread through alternative app stores.

When you install an app that contains the Trojan, you will be asked if you want to access the accessibility features and allow the app to run in the background. If you answer yes to the question, a file will be downloaded which will allow the hackers to keep track of everything you enter.

The purpose of the app is first and foremost to collect sensitive information from apps related to money and cryptocurrencies, such as Paypal, Revolut and Coinbase.

Since many banking apps use multi-factor authentication, Eventbot also includes a feature to access your text messages. This way, the hackers gain access to the codes sent to you.

At the time of writing, Eventbot has fortunately not received any major dissemination, but according to Cybereason there is a risk that the Trojan could eventually become one of the biggest threats to our mobile phones.

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