This is a homebrew source port I have had floating around for years of Quake 3 for the Original Xbox. All things considered it ran quite well back in the day when Xbox lan parts where a thing, and the best part about this port is it still has the same PC EXE:s files so you can LAN play Xbox VS. Pc.

Tested and working: For most Xboxs versions but for this post a chipped Xbox 1.6 is used. I didn’t get to test the net code properly for this post as i don’t have a lot Xboxs set up right now but I do know it should work but if you have any issues please let me know.

When you first load the game it will look like it’s glitching but just wait that out and the Q3 menu will pop-up.


Looking for more Quake? we have more on our FTP servers. Go HERE to get access.

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