You guys should know now that I love the Call of Duty series and you guys know that I do a lot of streaming right now (BOCW,MWARZONE) but I want to bring you guys back a few years so I have decided to start streaming some old school cod-games like BO,BO2,MW,MW2,MW3,GHOST.

I mean, I will go online in all the modded lobbies with XBL and play with a controller lol! It has been ages since I played with a XBOX360 system and last time I played I was playing S.A.W games on my Jtag’ed box.

But this time it will be a legit with a legit XBOX360 system connected to XBL and I will bust some head-shot online and I promise you it will be a comedy but it will be fun!

I am just waiting for my 360 MW3 Edition system to arrive and we are all good. Do not forget to follow me on Twitch if you haven’t already.

Take care and see you soon.



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