One of the best Call of Duty games are Modern Warfare 3, yes I can know MW2 is badass too but I’m now talking about releases after that. We where pretty good back in the days on the 360 I used to run the clan Riverside Motherfucker (RSMF) we changed the name to Riverside Gaming when we was aiming on competitive Call of Duty.

These days was gold back in the days, I remember all the fun we had with Clan Wars and all the real clan battles we had against other clans. We where at the top at this moment, everyone knew who we was, we where the top-dogs in this game. But all the good things comes to an end. Jumping in MW3 today isn’t the same it was jumping in a few years back, ppl are more skilled today or it is just all cheaters 🙂 anyways I will kick this beauty til the release of BO4.

and if the game is good enough who knows maybe the clan will raise again.

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