I wrote earlier in the Xlink kai discord about that I offer free cloud storage on my servers for Xlink kai members. I can now tell you that I also offer free web hosting.

This means that you can run your own website on my servers totaly FREE with your own domain or any of my domains.

  • sixthgengaming.com
  • h4ck.se
  • xbox-empire.com

If you decied to use any of my domains it will be like (yourname.h4ck.se \ yourname.xbox-empire.com \ yourname.sixthgengaming.com) and yes, I use SSL.

What you get (WEB HOSTING]

  • Your own personal domain
  • FTP login to upload and manage your website

What you get (CLOUD STORAGE)

  • Your own personal account
  • 10G storage space

If you want me to host your website then contact me here or on Discord.

Current server stats:

09:26:07 up 177 days, 7:45, 1 user, load average: 0.09, 0.09, 0.09



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