MelonDS for Switch

It’s a really exciting time for the Nintendo Switch modding scene and despite some of the Switch’s hardware limitations emulation is steadily improving. The MelonDS project ported by Hydr8gon is a monumental showcase of what can be achieved on the Nintendo Switch. While this emulator is not perfect, it’s still mighty impressive feat and a sign of great things to come. Keep in mind that you’re going to run into sound,graphic and compatibility issues especially with games utilizing 3D graphics. But this is a work in progress and a newer version addressing some of these issues is coming soon! So, if you’re looking to play you’re whole library of DS games on your switch. I would wait until a newer version. A fantastic video guide done by YouTuber Nevercholt Tech can be found below. I highly recommend subscribing to his channel if you follow the Switch modding scene. He’s very thorough and will turn any Switch modding newbie into a pro.

Gameplay on MelonDS

If you’re looking to get your hands on the emulator click the link HERE.

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