Monday, November 30, 2020


German hacker created gigantic botnet to download anime

By exploiting a vulnerability in D-Link's firmware, a man named Stefan was able to access tens of thousands of network devices over eight years. According to a new report from...

Darkhotel used VPN deficiency to hack Chinese authorities

Security company Qihoo 360 suspects that they are looking for information on how the Chinese government handled the corona virus. A group of hackers is suspected of carrying out a...

Patch Firefox! Two critical bugs in the wild

Mozilla patches two critical bugs in Firefox that could cause attackers to run arbitrary code on the victims' computers. The Firefox browser is pulled with two critical vulnerabilities that are...

Hackers found ways to take over Apple’s webcams

Security researcher Ryan Pickren now reveals that in December he discovered three vulnerabilities in Safari that together made it possible to take over both the camera and the microphone...

Microsoft releases critical fix for Windows 10 – update as soon as possible

It is probably only a matter of time before hackers will exploit a serious vulnerability in the SMBv3 protocol, so users of Windows 10 are encouraged to install the...

State-supported hackers target Microsoft Exchange servers

Hackers have begun to exploit the vulnerability that caused the same encryption key to be used on all servers that use Microsoft Exchange. According to researchers at British security company...

Serious vulnerability in Intel chips – cannot be fixed

Security researchers at Positive Technologies note that a serious vulnerability has been found in some of Intel's chips that allow hackers to access sensitive information on our computers. Because the...

4 New BlueKeep-like ‘Wormable’ Windows Remote Desktop Flaws Discovered

If you are using any supported version of the Windows operating system, stop everything and install the latest security updates from Microsoft immediately. Windows operating system contains four new critical...

Apple will now pay hackers up to $1 million for reporting vulnerabilities

Apple has just updated the rules of its bug bounty program by announcing a few major changes during a briefing at the annual Black Hat security conference yesterday. One of...

Canon DSLR Cameras Can Be Hacked With Ransomware Remotely

The threat of ransomware is becoming more prevalent and severe as attackers' focus has now moved beyond computers to smartphones and other Internet-connected smart devices. In its latest research, security...


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