Hello, for all of you who don’t know me, I am ripglobal, enCyde had contacted me as I had posted a tutorial on how to Overclock a Original Xbox, he liked it so much that he had offered me a opportunity to write for this website, without hesitation I took the offer!

Now onto my first post, this post will be about how to overclock a Original Xbox, the video linked above is my video, however I will also be doing a text guide.

Overclocking your Original Xbox can provide better performance in things such as Emulators and Homebrew content such as Half-Life and Quake III Arena, Overclocking does not provide any bonuses to Retail games as they are hard coded to run at 733mhz which is the CPU speed of a stock Original Xbox, Homebrew and Emulators are not hard coded at 733mhz so overclocking provides a nice boost to frame-rate.


Overclocking your Original Xbox has the potential to break your system, however follow my guide and I can guarantee that your Original Xbox may not break as its within limits.

List of items required

  • An Original Xbox that has been hard modded via TSOP or Modchip, a Softmodded Xbox will not work.
  • The current BIOS that your TSOP/Modchip has.
  • A backup of your current BIOS, just incase things go wrong.
  • XBOverclock: https://github.com/WulfyStylez/XBOverclock/releases
  • Internet to FTP the BIOS over to your Original Xbox
  • A BIOS flashing program, for this tutorial I will be using XBlastOS


  • Firstly, download the XBOverclock program from the GitHub link I have linked above in the items requirement list
  • Extract XBOverclock over onto your desktop or anywhere safe
  • Extract your current Original Xbox BIOS into the folder where XBOverclock was extracted
  • Open Command Prompt with Administrator Access, and then do cd *location of XBOverclock*
  • Type in XBOverclock, this will display a help menu with three commands.
  • The NV command controls the speed of the Xbox GPU, a safe limitation of speed is 280mhz, as anything over that will cause boot hangs.
  • The FSB Command controls the Front Side Bus, this changes the speed of the RAM and CPU, I do not recommend going over 150mhz.
  • The O command allows you to name the overclocked BIOS, I called mine OVERCLOCK.BIN so I can easily distinguish between the stock clocked BIOS and the overclocked one.
  • You will then want to type in the name of your current BIOS, then hit enter, this will output a file into the XBOverclock directory with the name that you had set in the -o command.
  • You will now want to connect to your Xbox with the FTP program of your choice, FTP the BIOS into the C partition and then enter your BIOS flashing program (XBlast OS).
  • Now go into Flash Menu, HDD Flash and then choose the overclocked BIOS, do the confirmation onscreen and let the BIOS flash.
  • Confirm that your clock speed set in XBOverclock is working by checking the speed of your processor in the settings.

You should now have an overclocked Original Xbox, this mod never really caught the attention of people but it seems after the video I uploaded, as of the 22nd of August it has reached 650 views!

Thank you for reading!

~ ripglobal

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3 years ago

Now we talking! this is how a tut should be! awesome work man!

9 months ago

strange I have xbox 1.1 chip xchanger 2.5 after uploading the bios oc showed 754.xx mhz after restarting the console it shows 732.xx mhz again? what’s going on !!