Hi everyone, I’m Atomic Purple, a YouTube creator who was recently given the opportunity to feature my work on this site.

I’m a professional video editor and former IT specialist, with a strong interest in computers and video games, particularly old ones. I’ve been producing videos in my spare time on various topics that happen to interest me for almost a year now. Down below I’ve embedded a video of mine form a few months back, you may have already seen it if you hang out in the Xlink Kai communities on Discord. It’s a video detailing my experiences playing games on Xlink Kai; A topic which seems appropriate for a first post, given the other content that’s already featured here.

I must admit, I was still a bit of a noob to the whole Xlink Kai multiplayer scene at the time I made this. If I were to do it again there would be an additional section about Halo 2 custom matches, at the very least. But hey, that’s more content for a future video, amirite.

If you like what you see here, be sure to check out the other videos I’ve put up on YouTube and consider subscribing to my channel. I be posting my new videos right here on h4ck.se from now on, so stay tuned for those. I may even post some more of my backlog here if this one does well. Of course, I also owe a big thank you to enCyde and everyone else at h4ck for giving the opportunity to contribute to this community.

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1 year ago

Cool! Looking forward for some nice content. What do you like to play play on original Xbox? Nice video too?

AtomicPurple avatar
Reply to  Lecvote
1 year ago

Glad you liked the video. My favorite OG Xbox game is Burnout 3: Takedown, which also happens to be my favorite game of all time. I’ve honestly played the PS2 version way more over the years, but switched to the Xbox version awhile back for better performance and custom soundtracks.

1 year ago

cool! and welcome!